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About the “Boise Insider’s Guide”

About the “Boise Insider’s Guide”

Why an Insiders Guide?

It’s simple: We

We’re a Boise born tech company located right here in Eagle, Idaho. We know firsthand that Boise is an awesome place to work and live, but we want everyone else to know it too. And, if we’re being honest, we got tired of people asking us, “Why Boise?”

On a deeper level, we want to get the word out about awesome Boise businesses like yours. Boise was recently rated the No. 2 Best City for Millennial Entrepreneurs, No. 7 Top Ten Cities for Tech Jobs, and No. 1 City “Where The Jobs Will Be.” We want to keep that momentum going and showcase what makes Boise the best place to be.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Boise Insider’s Guide?

It’s a comprehensive resource about, you guessed it, Boise! It’s an ongoing project that will grow and evolve along with this amazing city we call home. More importantly, it’s the only all-encompassing Boise guide on the web today.

We know you have questions, a lot of people did. Blah blah blah, I need an intro here…

Who wrote this guide?

This article overwhelmingly wrote itself. TSheets simply gathered the research, talked to the locals (which was easy, since we’re located in the heart of the Treasure Valley!), and featured the best in Boise and surrounding areas.

My Boise-based business/organization/activity is amazing, but it wasn’t included in your guide! What should I do?

Boise is chock full of amazing experiences, businesses, and organizations! We knew we’d need to make room for more—which is why we decided that “The Boise Insider’s Guide” would be a living document. If you think your business/organization/activity is incredible and should be included in the guide, send us an email! (Click here to find out how.)

How did you decide which businesses, organizations, and activities to include in the guide?

TSheets combed through crime reports, census data, traffic reports, news articles, YouTube videos, and government web sites to bring you the best (and most accurate) information about Boise. We also spent time talking to local business owners, investigating top local picks, and searching through dining and activity guides like and to find the best-reviewed, most beloved businesses, organizations, and activities in the Boise area.

How to contact TSheets if you have any recommendations or update requests?

You can reach us at We’d love to hear from you!

Join the Conversation

Whether you’ve been featured in the Insider’s Guide or just want to spread the word about our amazing Idahome, use the links and information below to get started!

I want to share your infographics on my blog or website. Is that okay?

It’s most definitely okay! Please link to the article ( when you share the infographic or images below!

How can I share the “Boise Insider’s Guide” on my blog or website?

If you love Boise as much as we do, you can share “The Boise Insider’s Guide” on social, link to it on your website, and spread the word! Use the hashtag #BoiseLove to join in on the conversation on social media, and download the attached digital badge for your website, social pages, or blog (be sure to link your badge to! Just place your badge on the homepage using the following html code (just choose the size and style that works best for your web site!

Feel free to write a blog article, linking to “The Boise Insider’s Guide” article, or include the badge and a link on your website if you are featured in the blog. Download and share our infographic by clicking below.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are strictly those of its authors and were not written by Realty Boise. This article was originally published by TSheets.

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